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Dave Walsh

Mr. Walsh has focused on collaboration in healthcare and in particularly in Medicaid for over 20 years.  He is now active in the integration of Health and Human Services.  Mr. Walsh believes that it is time for the industry to stop re-inventing the wheel and to share in foundational capabilities that are common to many.  These foundational capabilities need to be based on common standards.  Then, using the shared foundational standards, we need to innovate on top of this shared foundation.  Mr. Walsh has worked with the Medicaid community for years on collaborating on the vision of re-use and leveraging related to the Medicaid Information Architecture (MITA) through the MITA TAC and the National Interoperability collaborative (NIC)  His latest focus is to collaborate on defining an open source framework, Unify UX, for building mobile, web and desktop applications that implement emerging interoperability initiatives such as FHIR and NIEM.